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Q: Who used the song Crazy Train as their at bat song first?
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Who sang a cover of the song Crazy Train?

The song Crazy Train was originally written by Ozzy Osborne. It was used during an episode of the Cleveland Show and has been used within a rap song. Ozzy was the original singer and sonic the cartoon hedgehog has also been the voice heard during this song.

What song is used in the coors light commercial with the train?

love train by the o'jays

What child movies was the song lollipop used in?

crazy mama, whip it, stand by me,

Material used for the first train?


What is the music used in the sky sports advertisement about their August line-up?

The first part of the advert uses the song: Crazy Cousinz Feat MC Versatile - Funky Anthem

What was the name of the train that first moved on the rail in Australia?

The train did not have a name. However, the first actual train was a gravity railway used for a coal mine. Prisoner's were also used to pull the trains.

What is meant by the phrase wild n out?

Wild n out is a phrase used when a person acts in a crazy way. It is often used when a person hears their favorite song on the radio and starts acting crazy.

When where trains first used?

Trains were first used in 1829 with the Stourbridge Lion train as the first steam train. Railroads were invented as early as 1550 for mining use, and they were called Wagonways.

When was first train used in India?

mumbai to thanel

What was the first bullet train used for?

Delivering mail

When was the first steam train used in Cambridge?


What was the song taps first used for?

The song "taps " was used for an official bugle call