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Q: Who used the biggest bat in the major leagues?
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What is the maximum barrel diameter for the Major Leagues?

The maximum barrel diameter of a bat in the Major Leagues is 2 3/4 inches.

Will a wooden bat hit a ball farther than a metal or aluminum bat?

No, why do you think they use wood in the major leagues you idiot

Last person to bat 400 in the major leagues?

If you mean the last person to bat over .400, then the answer is Ted Williams.

What was the biggest bat used in a MLB game?

Babe Ruth used a 48 oz., 47 in. bat

What was the biggest vampire bat?

The false vampire bat is the biggest bat in world.

What is the difference between a baseball bat and a softball bat and can they be used in the different leagues?

A softball bat has a fatter barrel tot he bat, as well as a larger length-weight differential. Also, the length of the barrel is longer on a softball bat, as it starts lower on the bat. No they cannot be used in different leagues since softball bats have the larger length-weight differential (maximum in Major League Baseball is -3) and the barrel is too large (standard barrel is 2 3/4 ")AnswerBaseball bat barrels are usually fatter in diameter, heavier and have adifferent COR value (this determines the speed the ball rebounds off the bat) the balls rebound is slower for a softball bat.

What is a senior league softball bat?

A softball bat with a barrel over 2 an 1/4 inches in diameter, used by leagues with younger softball players

What are the biggest bat in the world?

the biggest bat in the world is a flying fox

What is the biggest a bat can get?

It is the beer bat

What size bat did Babe Ruth use?

I believe he used a 42" 42 oz bat, which would be unheard of nowadays. The average size of baseball bat in the big leagues today is a 33.5 ".

What is DH?

designated hitter. In the major leagues DH's are only used in the American League. In the NL league the pitcher has to bat. Basically it is a designated hitter for the pitchers. But when AL and NL teams play each other the AL team does need to bat their pitcher.

Is their a minus 6 or minus 7 baseball available?

I think you mean baseball bat. In the younger leagues you can get a bat that is a drop 10. In the older leagues, it is usually a drop 3.

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