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The number 14 shirt was taken over by Theo Walcott.

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Q: Who took over the number 14 shirt after Thiery Henry in Arsenal football club?
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Who scored the most goals in a season for arsenal?

thiery Henry

How much was thiery Henry's weekly salary at arsenal?

£140'000 per week

How many clubs has thiery Henry played for?

Henry played for these main clubs Monaco, Juventus, arsenal and barcelona.

What is Thierry Henry's recent number at Arsenal on loan?

Thierry Henry during his loan time at Arsenal is number twelve.

Who took over the no 14 shirt after Thiery Henry?

The number 14 jersey was taken by Theo Walcott.

Which football club thierry Henry play for before arsenal?


Where can you play basketball in Manchester?

At the Thiery Henry Stadium

Has thiery Henry ever got a yellow card?


What foot does thiery Henry kick with?


What number did henry wear for arsenal?


Did Thiery Henry got a red card in Arsenal?

Thierry Henry debuted for Arsenal in August 1999, the start of the 1999-2000 season. He gained his first red card in this season, in a European match against Werder Bremen.Between this and his departure at the end of the 2006-07 season, he did not receive another red card for the team.

Who is arsenal football clubs all time top scorer?

The Arsenal all time scorer is Thierry Henry , followed by Ian Wright.