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Q: Who threw the most high school football touchdowns in a season?
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What nfl quarterback threw for the most touchdowns in a season?

Peyton Manning threw for 55 touchdowns in the 2013 season, which is the record for most touchdown passes in a season.

How many touchdowns did Tom Brady have in 2006?

Brady threw for 24 touchdowns in the 2006 season. He did not have any rushing touchdowns that season.

Who has the most single season touchdowns?

Tom Brady he threw 50 touchdowns

Who threw the most touchdowns in a single season?

tom brady

Who threw the most touchdowns in the season of 2011?

Big ben

What is the most touchdowns Peyton Manning has thrown in a season?

Peyton threw 49 touchdowns in the 2004 NFL season. it is the second most touchdowns ever thrown in a season by a NFL quarterback. there. you learned something new today.

How many touchdowns did Peyton Manning throw during the 2007 season?

Peyton Manning threw 31 touchdowns in 2007.

What QB threw the most touchdowns in NFL 07 season?

Tom Brady with 50.

Who threw eleven touchdowns in a college football game in 1990?

David Klingler, the quarterback for Houston threw 11 touchdowns in a 84-21 victory over Eastern Washington University on November 17, 1990.

How many touchdowns will Tom Brady throw in 2007?

He threw for 50 in the regular season and 6 in the postseason

How many touch downs has Tom Brady thrown in 2011?

He threw 39 touchdowns in the 2011 season

Who threw for the most touchdowns in a season by a Dallas Cowboys qb?

Through the 2008 season, that is Tony Romo with 36 TD passes in 2007.

How many total interceptions has Tom Brady thrown?

Tom Brady has thrown a total of 103 interceptions in his entire NFL regular season career. In the Playoffs he has thrown a total of 18 bringing the grand total to 121. He has thrown 254 regular season touchdowns and an additional 28 touchdowns in the post season. The most interceptions Brady has thrown an entire season is 14 which he has done three times. In the year the Patriots went 16-0 Brady threw 50 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. The man is a football GOD!

Who threw the most touchdowns in a single season in New York Jets history?

As of the 2008 season, that is Vinny Testaverde with 29 TD passes in 1998.

How many touchdowns did Peyton Manning throw in 2006?

Manning threw 31 TD passes in the 2006 season.

What NFL quarterback has thrown the most interceptions returned for touchdowns in one season?

Brett farve for a fact has thrown the most touchdowns. But I'm not sure if he threw the most interceptions as well

Is cam newton a good football player?

Yes, he had the most dominant season we have seen in college football in years. He threw for 2700 yards and 30 touchdowns with a 60% completion percentage. He also ran for over 1500 and 20 touchdowns, becoming the third player ever to run for 20 and throw for 20 touchdowns in a season. (Tim Tebow was before him, then Colin Kapernick also did it the same day Cam did, just a few hours earlier.) He also became the first player in SEC history to run for 1000 yards and throw for 2000 yards in a season. Then he had the best rookie season ever, at any position, throwing for over 4000 yards, 22 touchdowns, and 60% completion percentage. The 4000 yards is a record for a rookie. He also ran for over 700 yards and 15 touchdowns, with the 15 touchdowns being a record for quarterbacks, and became the first quarterback ever to run for 700 and pass for 400 yards.

What QB threw the most touchdowns in NFL 2008 season?

That was a tie between Philip Rivers of the Chargers and Drew Brees of the Saints with 34.

How many touchdowns did Johnny Unitas throw during his pro football career?

Johnny Unitas threw 290 passing touchdowns in his career from 1959 to 1966. 287 of them were thrown when he played for the Colts, and the other 3 when he played for the Chargers.

What are Michael Vicks career stats?

He threw 72 Touchdowns, and ran 20 Touchdowns

Can you wear a 20 percent grey visor on your football helment in middle school football?

No has to be clear threw high school

What did Donovan mcnabb accomplish?

He went to five Pro Bowls, won 82 regular season games and nine playoff games, threw for 32,873 yards (Eagles record) and 216 touchdowns, and rushed for 3,249 yards and 28 touchdowns.

Most passing touchdowns in a season?

In 2007 Tom Brady threw 50 touchdown passes breaking the previous record of 49 set by Peyton Manning.

How many touchdowns did donavon mcnabb throw in 2004?

Donovan McNabb threw 31 TD passes in the regular season and 7 TD passes in the playoffs.

Who was the first quarterback ever drafted in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens?

Kyle Boller threw for seven touchdowns and nine interceptions during his rookie season.