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Q: Who threw the longest pass in the NFL?
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Who threw the longest pass in NFL history?

joe montanna

Who threw the first touchdown pass in the NFL?

Who threw the first NFL touchdown pass

What is the longest pass record in football?

There have been many TD passes in NFL history that have covered 110 yds . Those are passes with yards after catch. According to the NFL, the longest pass with no YAC was an 83 yard pass from Don Meredith to Bob Hays. Outside of an official NFL game, it is reported that Terry Bradshaw once threw a pass from goal line to goal line (100 yds in the air) at a football camp in Louisiana. The longest collegiate "in the air" pass is recorded as 96 yards, on two separate occasions.

Who holds the record for the longest pass in the NFL?

Peyton Manning

What is the longest pass interference penalty in the history of the NFL?


Who threw the longest Super Bowl pass?

Jake Delhomme of the Panthers threw the longest Super Bowl pass to Muhsin Muhammed for an 85 yard TD in Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Patriots.

What is the NFL record for the longest pass?

8,000 ft

What is the longest pass in NFL history?

The longest possible pass in the NFL is 99 yards (a touchdown thrown from within the 1-yard line) - it has been done 11 times in NFL history. (see related question)

What is the longest pass ever completed in the nfl?

99 yards

What is the longest pass Peyton has completed in the NFL?

86 feet

What is the longest pass recorded in the NFL?

99 yards. :D

Who threw the fastest pass in NFL History?

Brett favre

Who threw the shortest pass in NFL history?

Fran Tarkenton

Who threw the longest pass completion in Cowboys history?

Don Meredith

Who threw the longest throw in nfl quarterback challeng?

Randel cutingham 96 yards

How many yards was the longest NFL pass completion?

100 yards

What is NFL longest pass play from a quarterback to himself?

-1 yards

Longest pass in the air NFL?

99 yards by aaron rogers

Longest pass in NFL history?

99 yards. it has happened 11 times in NFL history.

Which nfl player currently has the longest pass?

Dan Marino(99 yards)

What player in the NFL has the longest pass run?

tony dorsett 99 tards

How many quarterbacks have thrown a TD pass on first NFL pass?

IN NFL About 27 Quarter backs have scored a touchdown on their first pass. Hope that helps.I sincerely doubt it is that many since only four have done it in the last 33 seasons.1) Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons threw a 62 yard TD pass to Michael Jenkins on his first NFL pass on September 7, 2008.2) Michael Bishop of the New England Patriots threw a 44 yard TD pass to Tony Simmons on his first NFL pass on October 8, 2000.3) Chuck Long of the Detroit Lions threw a 34 yard TD pass to Leonard Thompson on his first NFL pass on November 23, 1986.4) Pat Haden of the Los Angeles Rams threw a 47 yard TD pass to Ron Jessie on his first NFL pass on September 12, 1976.

Who threw the furthest in NFL history?

Joe Montana of the 1989 San Francisco 49ers threw a 77 yard touchdown pass.

How far was Terry Bradshaw's longest touchdown pass?

On November 8, 1981, Terry Bradshaw threw his longest touchdown pass. It was to Mark Malone and the play covered 90 yards.

What NFL quarterback had the longest career?

George Blanda he played 26 years in the nfl as a quarterback/kicker but 3 of those years he never threw a ball so he only played a QB for 23 years but is still the longest career as a QB.