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Knute Rockne with a record of 105 wins, 12 losses and 5 ties

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Q: Who the winningest coach in college football division 1?
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Winningest active college football coach?

Bob Ford. University at Albany. Division 1-AA FCS

Who is currently the winningest college football coach?

NFL: Don Shula.

Who are the most winningest coaches in Pa high school football?

Coach George Curry from Berwick is the winningest coach in PA history.

Alabama's winningest football coach in high school?

Kenneth McKinney

Mississippi's winningest football coach in high school?

jim drewery

Which coach has the highest winning percentage in the BCS Division -- formerly Division I -- of college football?

Jim tressel

Who is the winningest Pennsylvania high school football coach?

George Curry - Berwick

Which coach has the most football wins?

Eddie Robinson Coach John Gagliardi Division 3 has 471 Coach Eddie Robinson Division 2 has 408 Coach Bobby Bowden Division 1 (major college teams) has 377

Division 1 college football coach with the highest winning percentage since 2000?

mack brown

Who won the Sportsman of the Year Award in 1997?

1997 Dean Smith College basketball 2nd Winningest college coach

Which coach became the winningest coach in NFL history while with the Dolphins?

Which coach became the winningest coach in NFL history while with the Dolphins

Who is the greatest division 1 college football coach of all time?

Tie between Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden