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There is no homosexual wrestlers in WWE currently.

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โˆ™ 2012-06-08 19:09:27
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Q: Who the gay wrestlers in WWE?
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How many of the WWE wrestlers the nexus is gay?


Are there any WWE wrestlers who are gay?

Not currently, but Pat Patterson who is a booker and agent is gay.

What are the gay WWE wrestlers names?

undertaker, john cena e.t.c

Are there any gay wrestlers in WWE?

Yes. Darren Young came out in 2013.

Are any wrestlers in WWE gay?

Yes. Darren Young came out in 2013.

Current roster for WWE?

there are 46 wrestlers in wwe

Wwe superstars that are gay?

some people our gay like santino May 2010 get your facts straight Santino is not Gay the only wrestlers currently wrestling that are gay is Orlando Jordan and Pat Patterson

Are wrestlers gay?

Most wrestlers have wives or girlfriend there are very very very few wrestlers that are gay.

Are there any WWE or tna gay wrestlers?

Chris Kanyon used to wrestle for WWE and he is gay. Pat Patterson is also gay. Tyson Kidd is but i don't know who else The only one I know for sure is Pat Patterson Tyson Kidd is not gay! He is dating Naytala

Which WWE male wrestlers are single?

A lot of wwe wrestlers are single but the only one i can think of is The Miz. Most of the WWE wrestlers are either married or dating including the Miz he is married to Maryse.

Which wrestlers are gay?

Their are no wrestlers that are openly gay. If they are, that is their business. A persons sexuality is a personal matter, not a public matter. If there are gay wrestlers and they haven't came out, they will come out when they are ready.

How much do WWE wrestlers earn a week?

the low end average of a wwe wrestlers income is $2000 a week

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