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Q: Who takes penalties for fulham?
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Who takes corners for fulham?


Who takes penalties for Liverpool?

When Gerrard is playing, he takes penalties for liverpool, but otherwise Kuyt takes them. In penalty shoot outs, jamie carragher takes penalties.

Who takes penalties for Uruguay?

Ghana take penalties for Uruguay..!

Who takes penalties for France?


Who takes penalties for Italy?


How many penalties did Lionel messi score last season?

I do not think he takes penalties.

Who takes penalties for Spain?

david villa

Who takes penalties for Germany?

lucas podolski

Who takes penalties for Poland?

they rarely score anyway..

You were born at fulham or born in fulham?


Who takes Tottenham Hotspurs penalties?

The majority of penalties are taken by Gareth Bale, Emanuel Adebayor and Jermain Defoe.

What is the birth name of Karen Fulham?

Karen Fulham's birth name is Karen Lee Fulham.

Why are fulham called fulham ffc?

Rot Hodgeson

Who is the Liverpool penalty taker?

Steven Gerrard always takes penalties.

Who takes all man city penalties?

El el elano!

Who takes penalties for Holland?

Robin Vanpsersie if unfit, Dirk Kuyt

Where is fulham?

Fulham is a borough in the city in London, United Kingdom

What is Fulham FC full name?

Fulham Football Club

Have fulham won a cup?

Yes Fulham have won a cup.

When was Fulham Fallout created?

Fulham Fallout was created in 1978.

How rich is Fulham?

Fulham are poor they are so crap dont support them

Who is Fulham FC manager?

Martin Jol is Fulham's current manager.

Who is the football manager of fulham fc?

Their manager of fulham has left for Liverpool.

What division does Fulham participate in?

The division that Fulham participates in is the Championship in England.

When was Fulham Power Station created?

Fulham Power Station was created in 1901.