Who takes penalties for Liverpool?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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When Gerrard is playing, he takes penalties for liverpool, but otherwise Kuyt takes them. In penalty shoot outs, jamie carragher takes penalties.

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Q: Who takes penalties for Liverpool?
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Who is the Liverpool penalty taker?

Steven Gerrard always takes penalties.

Which premier team has had most penalties this season?

As of 3/23 in the 2013-2014 season, Liverpool has received the most penalties (in favor of) with ten penalties. Of the ten they earned, Liverpool has put in eight of the penalties. The other two were missed, not saved.

How many penalties have Liverpool had this season?

Too many.

How many penalties did Torres score for Liverpool?


Who won the carling cup Liverpool or Cardiff?

Liverpool has won Carling cup score of match was Liverpool 2-2 Cardiff and in penalties Liverpool won Liverpool 3-2 Cardiff

Which team has been awarded the most penalties in the premier league?


Who takes penalties for Uruguay?

Ghana take penalties for Uruguay..!

Who did Liverpool face in final this year?

Liverpool faced Cardiff City in the Carling Cup final and won in penalties 5-4.

Who won the European Champions League in 1984?

Liverpool beat roma on penalties

How many penalties have Liverpool been awarded in the premier league?

Too many

How many penalties have Liverpool had so far this season 2008 2009?


Who won the carling cup 2012?

Liverpool. They beat Cardiff city on penalties.