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Robin Van Persie Takes All Of The Set Pieces (Corners, Penalties, Free Kicks)

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Q: Who takes corner kicks for arsenal?
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Who takes penalty kicks for arsenal?

Robin van persie

What football team does rizzle kicks support?


Who has the most corner kicks in the world?

Massimo Palanca is an Italian soccer player who holds the record for the most corner kicks as of 2014. He actually had 13 goals directly from corner kicks.

How many free kicks has van persie scored for arsenal?


What type of kick is it if defense kicks it out?

If offense (forward) kicks it out, it would be a corner kick. If defenc kicks it out, it would be a goal kick.

Kinds of kicks?

punt, when you the goalie kicks the ball by dropping it and then kicking it with their foot. corner kick, when defence goes to the very edge of the field and kicks the ball to the offense. goalie kick, when the goalie is on the inside corner of the goal box and kicks to the offence.

What does CT stand for in soccer stats?

Corner Kicks Taken!

How many Corner Kicks Result in goals?

145 goals

What is the percentage of corner kicks that result in goals?

about 1 in 40

Should david beckham take corner kicks or free kicks?

Free kicks definatly that is his strength. He was never really good at the tricks he is just known for free kicks. So free kicks all the way.

Where are corner kicks taken from?

The ball must be placed on the field of play and either inside of or on the corner arc.

Can a player be guilty of an offside offense directly from a corner kick?

A player may not be guilty of an offside offense directly from a corner kick. Goal kicks, corner kicks, and throw-ins are specifically mentioned in Law 11 as exceptions.

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