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People from swimming clubs go to swimming galas

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Q: Who swims in the swimming gala?
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All about swimming?

Swimming is something when a person swims in a body of water.

What award are given for swimming?


What is a hyperbole for swimming?

A hyperbole for swimming could be "My daughter swims like a fish."

Is swimmer an adverb?

No, it is not. It is a noun, a person who swims or is swimming.

How a diver swims in the swimming pool?

jump lah!stupid

Does Justin bieber like swimming?

yes he swims but it's not his favorite

How do you escape a Volcano?

run like a spastic in a swimming gala

Is there a swimming pool of brine in the UK?

Yes there are a few by the sounds of it. The Gala swimming complex in Walsall has a 22m brine pool

Is swims a noun or verb?

The word 'swims' is both a noun (swim, swims) and a verb (swim, swims, swimming, swam, swum).Examples:The swims that I take every morning give me a lot of energy for the day. (noun)Jack swims every day in the pool at the health club. (verb)

Why would rebecca adlington be good for a swimming coach?

She would be a good coach as she has a lot of experince in swimming and has a good knowleadge in teaching how to pace your self in long distance swims

What are Jacqueline wilsons faveorite things to do?

Swimming and writing she swims the dance (line dancing) then writes I guess :D

Sam swims 80 lengths of the pool What fraction of his training has he completed after swimming 35 laps?


If a fish swims 0.09 cm every hundredth of a sec how fast in meters per sec is it swimming?


What is Jaqueline Wilson's favourite sport?

Swimming, she swims fifty lengths of her local pool every morning before breakfast!

How does a fish swim?

a fish swims by moving its body sideways and then swimming and then getting and swimming in the lake where all the other fish tease him because he cant swim and he just lays at the bottom lonely with no friends

Can rabies spread through swimming pools if a rabid dog drinks water from the pool or swims?

Theoretically, this is possible, but is highly unlikely.

What is a 4x100m medley relay in swimming?

It is where everyone swims 100 meters of their decided stroke, and it goes, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle.

What age do dolphins start swimming?

When dolphins are first born, they sink to the bottom of the ocean. There they feed off of low swimming fish and plants until they are about two years old and their fins have grown all the way. At that time the mother dolpin sends an echo to her baby so she can find him, swims to him and gives him a nudge until he swims to the surface for a breath of fresh air.

Do echidnas swim?

Yes. Though its body shape and spines would seem to inhibit its swimming ability, the echidna actually swims quite well, and even uses swimming as a means to regulate its own temperature.

Do Echidna swim?

Yes. Though its body shape and spines would seem to inhibit its swimming ability, the echidna actually swims quite well, and even uses swimming as a means to regulate its own temperature.

How many calories are burned swimming 700 yards?

The number of calories burned depends on the swimmer's weight and the speed of swimming. A 180 pound person who swims 700 yards in an hour will burn 500 calories.

What are a penguins defenses?

Some ways a penguin can defend itself is by swimming away, but that doesn't always work when it is alone so that is why it swims in groups.

How long does it take a baby whale to start swimming?

From the time it's part way out, and the time it's fully out of the mother. It swims naturally.

How does Godzilla swim?

Godzilla swims using his tail and his back legs. and definitely the tail power plays a great role in his swimming motion.

What does koi swimming in a circle mean?

I have 7 Koi fish in a pond, 1 of the fish constanly stays on the surface and swims in circles. what does this mean