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Q: Who supposedly robbed the stagecoach of the first Stanley yelnets?
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How did Stanley's great grand father make his fortune in holes?

Stanley great great grandfather was the first to make a fortune in the New York Stock Market. Stanley Yelnats then loses all his money to the outlaw known as KissinÕ Kate Barlow when she robbed the stagecoach that Stanley was on which was Camp Green Lake.

How do you make a Sentence with reprobate?

That old reprobate robbed the stagecoach!

Who is the only woman known to have robbed a stagecoach?

Pearl Hart

What were robbers called when they robbed stage coaches?

Robbers who targeted stagecoaches were often referred to as "stagecoach bandits" or "stagecoach robbers".

How did Stanley's grandfather loses his fortune?

He was robbed

How did Stanley's great grandfather lose his fortune?

He was robbed

What does Stanley realize about Kate Barlow?

He realizes that she lived in Camp Green Lake and she kissed everyone of her victims after she killed them. And that she robbed Stanley's great-great grandfather

Who was the famous robber that Stanley's great-grandfather was robbed by in the book called HOLES?

Kissin' Kate Barlow

Where did the term riding shotgun come from?

The term can from the old days when there was a stagecoach driver and an armed guard with a shotgun to protect the coach from being robbed. Side Note: It didn't always work.

In the book Holes How was Stanley's great grandfather lucky?

Stanley's great grandfather was lucky because he survived being robbed by Kissin' Kate Barlow in the Wild West, and was the one who stole her treasure.

Use brigand in a sentence?

That brigand has been cornered in the western quadrant.

Sutton's law that physicians should test for the most likely diagnosis first And it's named for Willie Sutton who supposedly took what obvious course of action?

Robbed banks, because that's where the money is