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Q: Who stopped st leger from reaching Albany?
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When was Will St Leger born?

Will St Leger was born in 1972.

The St Leger is run at which british racecourse?

The St Leger is run at Doncater

When was Deutsches St. Leger created?

Deutsches St. Leger was created in 1881.

When was Garry St. Leger born?

Garry St. Leger was born in 1985.

When did William St Leger die?

William St Leger died in 1642.

When was William St Leger born?

William St Leger was born in 1586.

When was St. Leger Stakes created?

St. Leger Stakes was created in 1776.

When did John St Leger die?

John St Leger died in 1596.

When did Anthony St. Leger I die?

Anthony St. Leger I died in 1559.

When was Anthony St. Leger I born?

Anthony St. Leger I was born in 1496.

When did Warham St Leger die?

Warham St Leger died in 1597.

When was VRC St Leger created?

VRC St Leger was created in 1857.