Who started the game badminton?

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British Indians

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Q: Who started the game badminton?
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What is the name of the official in Badminton?

The official name for badminton is shuttlecock which started as an ancient game.

Where badminton was first played?

A similar game to badminton was first developed in Greece 2000 years ago, the official game started in a stately home in Gloustershire in the 16th century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is badminton a Olympic game?

Yes,badminton is an olympic game.

Badminton is national game of which country?

badminton is not a national game

What has the author Pat Davis written?

Pat Davis has written: 'How to play badminton' -- subject(s): Badminton (Game) 'The encyclopaedia of badminton' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Badminton (Game) 'Badminton complete' -- subject(s): Badminton (Game)

Where badminton came from?

A similar game to badminton was developed in Greece 2000 years ago .Officialy started in a stately home in Gloucestershire in the 16th century . IBF (international badminton federation) was founded in 1934

Where did the game of badminton originate?

Badminton began in India with a game known as Poona. Poona was a competitive sport that British Army officers learned and brought back to England. It started its fame in the early 1870s

What type of game is badminton?

Badminton is a Racquet sport!

Where is badminton most played?

badminton is a international game inthe world but, badminton game most played in Malaysia and china.

When and where did badminton start?

Badminton started in India, during the 18th century (1700s).

Badminton country started?


Where did the game badminton originate?

It started in the 1750s in british military camps in india. It was referred to as battledore and shuttlecock I think

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