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Among them are Reebok, Progressive Insurance, Edge Shave Gel and the US Navy.

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Q: Who sponsors the National Lacrosse League?
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Do national lacrosse league teams play major league lacrosse teams?

No National Lacrosse league is indoors and major league lacrosse is outdoors

When was National Women's Lacrosse League created?

National Women's Lacrosse League was created in 2010.

When was National Lacrosse League created?

NC State Wolfpack men's lacrosse was created in 1973.

When was National Lacrosse League MVP Award created?

National Lacrosse League MVP Award was created in 1994.

What are the two professional lacrosse leagues?

There's the National Lacrosse League (NLL) and Major League Lacrosse (MLL).

What was the first professional league of lacrosse?

In 1974-1975 was the original National Lacrosse League (NLL) which has no connection with the league of that name which exists today. Then the Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association (CUFLA) started in 1985. In 1987 there was the Eagle Pro Box Lacrosse League. It changed its name to the Major Indoor Lacrosse League, then later to the National Lacrosse League (NLL). Then Major League Lacrosse (MLL) started in 2001.

Who has the most National Lacrosse league championships?


The Albany Attack are part of what professional sports league?

The Albany Attack were a Lacrosse team that was a part of the NLL (National Lacrosse League). They played from 2000-2003.

Who do the buffalo bandits play on April 11?

they play the national lacrosse league

Who are the Calgary roughnecks?

The Calgary Roughnecks are Calgary's NLL team. The NLL is the National Lacrosse League.

What is the difference between nll and mll?

The NLL is a box lacrosse league, meaning that it is played inside. The MLL is a field lacrosse league, meaning that it is played outside. There are several rules that differ between the two leagues. Here are links to each league's website:

When was Canadian Lacrosse League created?

Canadian Lacrosse League was created in 2011.