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Q: Who sponsors Magic Johnson and what kind of shoes does he wear?
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What kind of car does Johnson have?

Red Land Rover LR6, she got it for her 16th birthday from sponsors.

What kind of music does magic Johnson like?

otis redding

What kind of car does Shawn Johnson have?

Red Land Rover LR6, she got it for her 16th birthday from sponsors.

What kind of shoes does Shawn Johnson wear?

Shawn Probably has a lot of pair of shoes but her most recent pairs are Nike Shocks and a pair of Steve madden boots

What made Magic Johnson successful in his basketball career?

Well, he trained hard a lot, practiced every day. That kind of stuff.

When was A Kind of Magic created?

A Kind of Magic was created in 1919-09.

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The kind of shoes you should wear for basketball are basketball shoes.

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What kind of shoes kind shoes does Justin bieber wear?

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Is a kind of magic one of queens songs?

If you mean "Kind of Magic" by Queen then yes

What kind of shoes did Freddie mercury wear?

While I am unsure of what he wore during his day to day life, I can tell you for a fact that during the Magic Tour/Wembley 86, he is wearing a pair of Adidas Box Champ boxing shoes.

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