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Santiago munez.

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Q: Who spent the most money on football transfers in the last ten years?
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Which football team has spent most on transfers in last 20 years?

Manchester United

How much money have Chelsea spent in the last 10 years on transfers?

£700 million

Which English football club has spent the most money in the last 5 years?


How much has man city spent on transfers since 1999?

They must have spent about 900 million pounds , in the last two years they have spent 300 million pounds.

How much money is spent on new years fireworks?

Around 5 million pounds is spent

How much have Liverpool football club spent on players in the last 20 years?


Who has spent most money in transfer market in past ten years?

Real Madrid

Who spends more money Manchester United or Chelsea?

In the past 5 years or so, Chelsea have spent more money. But, in the past, United were also big spenders. Overall though, I would say Chelsea have spent more money.

What football team is called hostile attackers?

The NFL football team that has been called the Hostile Attackers are the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders spent some years in the Los Angeles area.

How much money has been spent on aboriginals in Australia over the last 5 years?

Any amount over the norm is too much. Should not all people have money spent on them equallyto become an equal society??

In the English premier league who has spent the most money in the transfer market in the past five years?


If you spend 7 dollars a day for 4 years how much money would you have spent?


How much money does a football player get?

if hes good he can get 58,000,000 IN FIVE YEARS

How much money is expected to be spent rebuilding Haiti?

The average amount of money that will be spent would be around the margin of 10 million pounds. It will take approx. 50 years to rebuild, re-design and so recover from the tragic earthquake disaster!

How much money will be paid to the football teams in this years bowl games?

$17 million

What part of speech is turned in the sentence My thoughts often turned to the years I had spent quarterbacking my high school football team?

Turned is a verb in that sentence.

How much have man united spent on players over the last 20 years?

They have spent a large amount on the players per their contracts. They make this money up through ticket and concession sales.

How much money is spent on school uniform in the UK?

55 billion pound per family every 2 years

How much does your government spend on foreign products?

Several years ago it was showed they spent 2x as much money overseas

How does one make a money transfer?

Money Transfers are done easier today than years ago. Technology has made leaving the house not a need anymore. Most banks offer it as a package with a checking account.

Is it hard being a president?

It must be very hard for Barack Obama to be president because he spent three times the amount of money George Bush spent and he has only been president for two years

What king spent 67 years in throne?

No British Monarch has ruled for that long yet. Henry III spent 56 years on the throne. Edward III spent 50 years on the throne. Elizabeth I spent 55 years on the throne. George III spent 60 years on the throne. Victoria spent 64 years on the throne. Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 60 years.

How much US government money is spent on prisons in Texas?

it spends $5 billoin from the Texas legistature every two years.

How do you become a captain of a cruise ship?

Work at sea for about 20 years! Good money, but most of your life spent surrounded by water.

What do you get if you spent years in jail and then get proven innocent?

An apology and you get out of jail. That's about it. Uh you get money but whats that called again?