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jack nickelson

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Q: Who sits next to Yori at lakers home games?
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Where does Donald Sutherland sit at LA Lakers games?

next to jack

Who sits next to Lou adler at lakers games?

Jack Nicholson.

Who is sitting next to jack n at the lakers bb games?

Lou Adler is the man in the hat who sits next to Jack.

When does Chelsea play at home next?

August 18 Southampton (H) August 25 Liverpool (A) September 1 QPR (H) September 15 Stoke (A) September 22 Arsenal (H) September 29 Fulham (A) October 6 Sunderland (H) October 20 West Brom (A) October 27 Swansea (H) November 3 West Ham (A) November 10 Tottenham (H) November 17 Aston Villa (H) November 24 Chelsea (A) November 27 Wigan (A) December 1 Everton (H) December 8 Man Utd (H) December 15 Newcastle (A) December 22 Reading (H) December 26 Sunderland (A) December 29 Norwich (A) January 1 Stoke (H) January 12 Arsenal (A) January 19 Fulham (H) January 29 QPR (A) February 2 Liverpool (H) Febraury 9 Southampton (A) February 23 Chelsea (H) March 2 Aston Villa (A) March 9 Wigan (H) March 16 Everton (A) March 30 Newcastle (H) April 6 Man Utd (A) April 13 West Brom (H) April 20 Tottenham (A) April 27 West Ham (H) May 4 Swansea (A) May 12 Reading (A) May 19 Norwich (H)

Who will win next game Celtics or Lakers?

The Lakers have the home court advantage so they have the edge of winning game 2. But just like they always say, the ball is round. Anything can happen. It could be anybody's game since they are both strong and experienced teams.

NBA finals games format?

The NBA finals starts out with 2 games at the top seeds home. The next 3 games are at the bottom seeds home. The final 2 games are back at the top seeds home.

Who is going to win the NBA next year out of the Boston Celtics and La Lakers?

Well I really want the LA Lakers to win! defiantly Boston

The history of Los Angeles Lakers?

The Lakers began in 1946 when Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen bought the Detroit Gems of the National Basketball League for $15,000. The team was relocated to Minneapolis in 1947. The Lakers, who already had a solid roster with forward Jim Pollard and playmaker Herm Schaefer, added center George Mikan, who quickly became the most dominant player in the game. With Mikan leading the way during their first year, the Lakers won their division by 13 games with a 43-17 record. In the 1949 BAA Finals the Lakers continued their dominance, beating the Washington Capitols four games to two. The following season, the team improved to 51-17, repeating as champions. In the next year's playoffs, the team defeated the Indianapolis Olympians in three games but lost to the Rochester Royals in the next round.

When is the next laker game?

October 6th, 2014 is when the next LA Lakers game is scheduled. They will be playing the Denver Nuggets.

Who are the next NBA champions?

* Kings * Lakers * Spurs * Magic * Hawks * Cavaliers