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you mean "its our time". the chris warren band sung it. they also sung jericho, dx and x-pac's themes.

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Q: Who sings the Triple H theme Your Time?
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Related questions

Who sings evolution's entrance theme?

Motorhead sings Evolution's theme. Motorhead also sings Triple H's theme

Who sings Triple H's old theme my time?

The Chris Warren Band

Who sings Triple H's theme tune?


Who sings Triple H theme song?


Who sings Triple H's theme song?

Triple H's theme song, "The Game", is performed by the band Motörhead, whose lead singer is Lemmy Kilmister.

Who sings the wrestler Triple H's theme?

His current theme song is The Game by Motorhead

Who sings HHH's theme music?

Triple H's theme song is sung by the band Motorhead.

Who sings Triple H's theme song 'It's all the game?

Motorhead sings hhhs entrance music

What is the title of Triple H first entrance music?

"The Game" I'm not sure who it's performed by, but I would assume it can be found on one of the WWE cds on iTunes. Motorhead sings Triple H's entrance music. Triple H's original theme music was called "My Time." "The Game" is the one he uses currently.

What is Triple H's Theme?

Triple H's theme is " The Game "

What band sings the most of WWE's theme songs?

moterhead(triple h) and P.O.D(rey mysterio)

Who sings Triple H entrance song my time?


Who's the band who does Triple H's entrance music and where could you download it?

Motorhead, the legendary British band sings Triple H's theme music and you can download it on iTunes or on

Downloading Triple H theme The Game for free?

download triple h theme the game for free

Who sings triple hs entrance song?

Motorhead sings Triple H's entrance song

Triple h's entrance song?

The game is the name of Triple H's theme

Triple H Theme?

His theme song was "Time to Play the Game" by Motorhead. He called himself "The Game", so I think his theme is being and bringing "The Game".

Who sings batista and Triple H's entrance music?

Batista's music is by Saliva and Triple H's music is Motorhead

Who sings the wrestler Triple H's theme song the game beside motor head?

Drowning Pool, but only for promo cuts and it;s also on the Forcible Entry CD.

Who sings the song called the game?


Who sings in Triple H entrance music?


What is Triple H's theme song?

the "king of king" and the"the game"time to play the game

What is Triple H's theme song except the game?

Triple H occasionally enters the arena to King of Kings by Motorhead.

Who sings king of king Triple H song?


Who wrote the Triple H theme song?

The popular wrestler known as Triple H's theme song, 'The Game' is written and made by famous British heavy metal band and legendary rockers Motorhead.