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chris young and its racks not rex

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:09:16
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Q: Who sings rex on rex on rex?
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What is the song that Rex Smith sings in the movie Headin' For Broadway?

He sings one called "Woman".

Who sings song of the tyrannasourus rex?

Michael Jakson

Who sings forever baby on victorious?

rex and robbie

Who sings Super Nova Girl song?

Kristian Rex

Who sings the rock song get it on?

"Bang a gong " by T- Rex

Who sings generator rex?

A band named orange. the song is called "Revolution"

Who sings this song forever baby?

Robbie and Rex sing Forever Baby.

Richard Attenborough film where he sings 1960s?

Doctor Doolittle starring Rex Harrison

Who sings with rex gosdin on just give me what you think is fair?

Waylon Jennings brother Tommy Jennings

Who plays rex in generator rex?

Someone plays rex in generater rex.

What is the meaning of Rex in Tyrannosaurus Rex?

The meaning of Rex in Tyrannosaurus rex is king. If all, tyrannosaurus rex, meaning is tyrant king.

What does rex mean in T-rex?

Rex is Latin for "king". T. rex is short for Tyrannosaurus rex, which means "tyrant lizard king".

Former name for x-ray?

rex rex rex

What is 'Rex' from 'Oedipus Rex' in English?

"Rex" is Latin for "King". Oedipus Rex means "Oedipus the King".

What is the name for Curly haired cats?

Rex There is a DEVON Rex, a CORNISH Rex, a SELKIRK Rex, and a GERMAN Rex...also, the American Wirehair and the La Perm. A Cornish Rex with Siamese coloring is called a SI-REX

What is English for 'Rex' in 'Oedipus Rex'?

'King' is an English equivalent of 'Rex' in the play 'Oedipus Rex'.

Who played in Generator Rex?

Someone plays rex in generater rex.

What nicknames does Justin Rex go by?

Justin Rex goes by T-Rex.

What is the common name of a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

the common name of a tyrannosaurus rex is " T-rex"

Scientific name of t-rex?

The scientific name for a t-Rex is Tyrannosaurus Rex.

What does Rex mean?

Rex is latin for King

What is the scienctific name for the T-Rex?

The scientific name for the T-rex is Tyrannosaurus rex.

Is T rex the same as tyrannosaurus?

Yes! T-rex is the nickname for the trynnosaurus rex!

What is the common name of Tyrannosaurus rex?

the common name of a tyrannosaurus rex is " T-rex"

What is the birth name of Rex Jameson?

Rex Jameson's birth name is Rex Coster.