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James A. Johnston sings her theme song.It says it on the WWE Voices CD.

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Q: Who sings WWE diva maryses theme song?
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Who sings maryses entrance theme?

Jim Johnston sings Maryse's theme song?

Who sings WWE diva maryse's theme song?

Pop singer Adam Lambert sings Maryse's theme song,Pourquoi.

Who sings WWE diva lita's theme song?

It is lovepassionfurry by Boxcar

Who sings wwe diva trish stratus's theme song?

lil kim

Who sings nasty girl - WWE diva Layla El's theme song?


Who sings WWE diva Natalya theme song?

Jim Johnston. It says it on the cd

Who sings WWE diva Eve Torres's theme song?

Jim Johnston. It is called She Looks Good.

Who sings WWE diva Ashleys song?

The Person who sings Ashley`s song is ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who sings theme song to jerseylicious?

Olivia From the show sings the theme song

Who sings Layla's WWE theme?

The song that is used as WWE Layla's theme is titled Insatiable. It is performed by Patsy Grime. Layla is signed on as a WWE Diva.

Who sings Randy Orten theme song?

Rev Theory sings the theme song.

Who sings the Folger's coffee theme song?

Rockapella sings the Folger's theme song.

Who sings the smackdown theme song?

Green Day sings the Smackdown! theme song.

What is the name of maryses theme song?

The name of maryse theme song is pourqoi i think its in french or another language so make sure u type in English version.By **)**$$Pokeoke$$**(**

Who sings the Digimon frontier theme song?

Koji Wada sings the frontier theme song. He also sings the theme song for all the other seasons of Digimon.

What diva sings the song believe?

I think it is Cher

Who sings WWE diva Tiffany's theme song?

Patsy Grime. But google "Insatiable by Patsy Grime" to see if I'm 100% right.

Who sings randy ortan theme song?

Rev Theory sings Randy Orton's theme song.

Who sings shake it ups' theme song?

Selena Gomez sings Shake It Up's Theme Song

Who sings John Cena theme song?

john cena sings his own theme song john cena sings his own theme song but he does sound different singing it.

Who sings the H2O theme song?

in the first 2 seasons kate alexa sings the theme song. in season 3 indiana evans sings the theme song. ps i love h2o

What is the theme song of teleserye Legacy?

La Diva - I Know He's There Waiting For Me (Legacy Theme Song)

Who sings the theme song for the Saving Grace tv show?

Everlast sings the theme song to Saving Grace.

Who sings Alberto Del Rio theme song?

batista sings alberto del Rio theme song

Who sings the jerseylicious theme song?

Olivia the make-up artist at the Gatsby Salon sings the theme song