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Triple H's theme song, "The Game", is performed by the band Motörhead, whose lead singer is Lemmy Kilmister.

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Q: Who sings Triple H's theme song?
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Who sings triple hs entrance song?

Motorhead sings Triple H's entrance song

What is triple hs theme?

The Game by Motorhead

What is triple Hs entrance song called?

The Game-Motorhead

Who is triple hs theme song by?

His theme song is called "The Game" by Motorhead. I know this is a good song and anyone saids it isn`t good than what is wrong with you. you don't like the king of kings triple HHH. Triple HHH is a good wrestler cause the WWE fans like him so much. That was my sentence cause I won't go forever with this statement OK. No way I am not go on.

What is triple hs name?

Triple h name is Paul Levesque

Triple Hs name?

paul levesque

Who is triple hs best friend?

It is Shawn Michael's.

Did Kevin Nash break triple Hs neck?


What is Triple Hs Full Name?

paul Micheal levesque

What is Triple Hs middle name?

middle name?? is it HS? If you mean Triple H the wrestler in WWE his full name is Hunter Hearst Helmsley. His real name in real-life is Jean-Paul Levesque. So, the character Triple H middle name is Hearst.

When will triple hs career end?

Well,his contract comes to an end in early 2016

Whats triple hs real name?

HHH's real name is Paul Levesque.

Triple H real name?

Triple Hs real name is Paul Levesque-McMahon Triple H's real name is Paul Michael Levesque Jr.

What song of Leona Lewis hs made number 1?

bleeding love

Triple H's baby's name?

Triple H's Babies name are Aurora Rose wicth was born in July 2006 and Murphy Claire wicth was born on July 2008triple Hs kids names are Aurora Rose and Murphy Claire.

How do you unlock hbk in WWE 12 wii?

you have to beat store mode in the game on hard mode and beat Triple Hs store

What does triple hs kids look like?

they are very cute one of them are almost 3 and the other one is going to be 1 this year.

What is Triple Hs real name?

beany bow bean wow funny if your really want to know its Mexican ponies

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