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AnswerAlterbridge - Metalingus sings Edge's theme song.
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Q: Who sings Edge's WWE theme song?
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Who sings edges WWE music theme?

Alter Bridge

Who sings edges current entrance theme?

During Edge's career in the WWE, his theme song by "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge.

Who sings WWE diva maryses theme song?

James A. Johnston sings her theme song.It says it on the WWE Voices CD.

Who sings WWE theme song awesome?

The Miz

Who sings WWE diva maryse's theme song?

Pop singer Adam Lambert sings Maryse's theme song,Pourquoi.

What is edges theme song from WWE?


Who sings Jeff Hardy's WWE theme song?


Who sings the nexus WWE theme song?

12 Stones.

What is WWE edge's theme song and who sings it?

artist: albert brig song: matugrises

Who sings the WWE theme song priceless?

DiBiase currently uses the song "Priceless", which was composed by Jim Johnston, in WWE.

Who sings crash holly's WWE theme song?

Lilian Garcia does

Who sings WWE randy orton's theme song?

Rev thirty

Who sings WWE superstars theme song invincible?

adelitas way

Who sings chris masters' new WWE theme song?

my nan

Who sings the theme song for WWE nexus?

we are one by 12 stones

Who sings WWE Ezekiel jacksons theme song?

Evan Jones

What is the name of the WWE theme song Nickelback sings?

Burn it to the ground.

Who sings WWE diva lita's theme song?

It is lovepassionfurry by Boxcar

Who sings Layla's WWE theme?

The song that is used as WWE Layla's theme is titled Insatiable. It is performed by Patsy Grime. Layla is signed on as a WWE Diva.

What is edges WWE theme song name 2010?

Metalingus by Alter Bridge

Who sings WWE edges theme?

Metalingus by Alter Bridge Metalingus by Alter Bridge

Who sings Christy Hemme theme song in wwe?

Christy Hemme's WWE theme was called "Walk Idiot Walk" by The Hives. :D

What band sings Kevin Nash's theme song?

The band that sings Kevin Nash's theme song is the Frank Shelley Band. The song is Rock House. Kevin Nash is with WWE wrestling.

Who sings sane McMahon's theme song?

wwe anthology vol.3

Who sings wwe diva trish stratus's theme song?

lil kim