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Crimson's theme song is preformed by Dale Oliver.

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Q: Who sings Crimson's TNA theme song?
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Who sings TNAs theme song Cross the Line?

The band that sings the Tna theme song - Cross the line is AD/AM.

Who sings Mr Anderson's theme song in TNA?


Who sings Brian Kendricks TNA Theme Song?

My nan

Who sings Victoria's new theme song?

Goldylocks sings "Broken" - Tara in TNA.

Who sings TNA Crimson's theme?

Crimson's theme song is preformed by Dale Oliver.

Which artist sings TNA's theme song 'Sacrifice'?

== == == == David Oliver

Who sings TNA's Rhino theme song?

Dale Oliver, the song is called Gore

Who sings RVD's New Theme Song?

Rob Van Dam's TNA theme song is sung by Kushinator.

Who sings Samoa Joe's TNA theme song?

The song is "Nation of Violence" by Dale Oliver.

Who sings the tna theme song?

trae vedder by death on two wheels

Who sings Jeff hardy new tna theme song?


Who sings Jeff Jarrett's TNA entrance theme?

"My World" by Dale Oliver. Dale Oliver sings Jeff Jarrett's theme song.