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Entrance Theme SongChristian - Waterproof Blonde "Close Your Eyes"

today its story of the year

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Q: Who sings Christian's entrance theme?
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Who sings evolution's entrance theme?

Motorhead sings Evolution's theme. Motorhead also sings Triple H's theme

Who sings maryses entrance theme?

Jim Johnston sings Maryse's theme song?

Who sings Sean micheals entrance song?

Shawn Michaels sings his own entrance theme.

Who sings Jeff jarrett's entrance theme?

He does

Who sings evolution's entrance theme and What is the sing called?

I know who sings evolution theme Motorhead Line in the sand

Who sings Floyd mayweather Jr. entrance song?

he sings his theme song

Who sings MVP entrance theme?

Silkk The Shocker

Who sings Jeff Hardy's entrance theme?


What is Johncena entrance theme song and who performs it?

he sings it

Who sings the entrance theme for Jeff hardy?


Who sings the Nexus entrance theme?

"We Are One" by 12 stones is the theme song for "The Nexus".

Who sings Spirits Squad's entrance theme?


Who Sings Gregory Helms Theme Song?

Gregory helms sings his own entrance music

Who sings Goldberg's entrance theme?

Goldberg's Music is not sung as it is only a sound theme with no lyrics.

Who sings the entrance theme for Mark Henry?

Three Six Mafia

Who sings r-truth's entrance theme?

Himself. Watch the show.

Who sings the entrance theme for The Rock?

Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock

Who sings Zack Ryder's entrance theme?

Zack Ryder's theme song is Radio and it is by Watt White.

Who sings the entrance theme for Edge?

Edge's current WWE entrance music is ''Metalingus'' by Alter Bridge. Metallingus

Who sings Triple H's theme song 'It's all the game?

Motorhead sings hhhs entrance music

Who sings Jeff Jarrett's TNA entrance theme?

"My World" by Dale Oliver. Dale Oliver sings Jeff Jarrett's theme song.

Who sings undertakers entrance theme you're gonna pay?

Jim johston

Who sings christians entrance music?

Waterproof Blonde, "Close Your Eyes". It is on ThemeAddict CD.

Who sings Batista's theme song and what is it called?

WWE Superstar Batista's entrance theme is, " I Walk Alone " by Saliva.

What is the name of the band that does Jeff Hardy's entrance song?

endeverafter is the band that sings Jeff hardys 2008 entrance theme

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