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Q: Who should you start in week 3 Donovan McNabb or Peyton Manning?
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Should Peyton Manning be fired?

Heck no

Should Peyton Manning play for the cowboys?


Should you start donovan mcnabb this week?

yes! He's the best QB on the depth chart!

Should Peyton Manning be picked in the 1st round in Fantasy Football drafts?


Who use the catalyst as an enzyme?

i use the catalyst as an enzyme. you should too. -peyton manning.

Who should you start ben roethlisberger vs kc or donovan mcnabb vs chi week 11 fantasy?

need an answer quick and details why. thanks. both have great matchups but westbrook is out so mcnabb would have to throw more

Who is the best footballer in theworld?

This is an opinion. My personal opinion would be the quarterback for the Colts,Peyton Manning. You should pick your own person though.

What is Peyton Manning's email?

Peyton Manning does not want 2 expose this kind of information. If any body does find out they should keep it 2 themselves 4 he has the right 2 sue. I know u might b a BIG fan of his (i am 2) but that is not exposed 2 anyone. 4 if we were famous we would not want anybody knowing our e-mail and so therefore he does not, either. Sorry.

Who is better Peyton Manning or Andrew luck?

peyton manning andrew luck has the skills to be great but so did ryan leaf theres been alot of super qbs in college that were the biggest flops in the nfl if the colts had any sense they what the packers did and let him learn from peyton for 2 or so years its rare that a player sticks with one team his whole career and he wants to retire a colt. thats a really rare and respectable thing andthey should do what he wants it benefits everyone

Who can tell me online shop that sells Peyton manning shoes? should have them. they usually have a wide variety of shoes, sneakers, boots for the entire family. also, finishline and footlocker may have them.

Is Peyton Manning going to play next year?

he'll be back by next year, he's had a stem cell procedure already he should be good to go soon, most likely not this year though

Should you start Brett Favre over donavan mcnabb?

yes no doubt about it.