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Many people have preferred to start their Fantasy Hockey teams with Peter Budaj. Joni Ortio is still a top picked player as well.

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Q: Who should I start tonight for fantasy hockey Peter Budaj or Joni Ortio?
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When was Peter Budaj born?

Peter Budaj was born on 1982-09-18.

How tall is Peter Budaj?

NHL player Peter Budaj is 6'-01''.

What NHL team does Peter Budaj play for?

Peter Budaj plays for the Montreal Canadiens.

What position does Peter Budaj play?

Peter Budaj plays goalie for the Montreal Canadiens.

Does Peter Budaj shoot right or left?

NHL player Peter Budaj shoots left.

How much does Peter Budaj weigh?

NHL player Peter Budaj weighs 195 pounds.

What is Peter Budaj's number on the Montreal Canadiens?

Peter Budaj is number 30 on the Montreal Canadiens.

Where was Peter Budaj born?

Peter Budaj was born in Banska Bystrica, Czechoslovakia on 09-18-82.

How old is Peter Budaj?

NHL player Peter Budaj was born on 09-18-82 and as of the end of the 2013-2014 season is 31 years old.

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