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Q: Who shot buffalo bill at belvedere park?
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How many calories is belvedere vodka?

There are about 97 calories in a serving or shot.

Lady sure shot travels with buffalo bill's wild west show?

Her name was Annie Oakley.

Who shot Bill Clinton?

stupid idiots noone shot bill

I have just been given 17780 SW nickel engraved 6 shot pearl grips was a possible gift to relative from Buffalo Bill Cody?

You will need to get it lettered by S&W

Which president was shot in Buffalo New York?

William McKinley.

Where was the state farm buffalo commercial filmed?

The State Farm buffalo commercial was filmed in Montana.

Does anyone think you have a shot at dating Bill Kaulitz?

you can have a shot with him :)

What president was shot in Buffalo New York?

William Mckinley, There is a monument that bears Mkinley's name. in a roundabout in between Buffalo,NY City Hall and the old Statler Hotel, or what was known as the Statler Hotel. Mckinley was assassinated in 1901 during the Pan Am Exposition,which was held in Buffalo,NY.

How was William McKinley assassinated?

Leon Czolgosz walked up to him as the president was shaking hands. With a pistol concealed in a handkerchief, he shot the president as he went to shake his hand. McKinley died 8 days later on September 14th

What is the complete subject in the sentence Bill shot the rabbit?


Where was DrJose rizal shot?

He was shot at Bagumbayan which is now known as Luneta Park in the Philippines.

What were Annie oakleys accomplishments?

=She wowed the audience at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. She was a master at using pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Because of all her accomplishments that involved gauns she was dubbed "Little Miss Sure Shot."=