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Q: Who set the golfing record in 2001?
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What is the single season home run record set by Barry Bonds?

73 HR- the record was set in 2001.

The Panthers set a record for what in 2001?

Most Consecutive Losses

Who helds the NFL record for rushing touchdowns set 2001?

Ronnie Brown- Miami Dolphins

Whose record did Barry Bonds break in 2001?

He surpassed Mark McGwire record of 70 home runs, set in 1998. Bonds finished the 2001 season with 73 homers.

How many stolen bases did Barry Bonds have in 2001 the year he set home run record?

In 2001, Barry Bonds stole 13 bases.

What were the sales figures for golfing equipment?

1999 shipments of golfing equipment were $2.9 billion. Imports declined to $589.0 million, and the value of exports still exceeded that of imports. By 2001, sales had slipped to $2.6 billion

What was the Seattle Mariners best record?

The Seattle Mariners posted their best record in 2001. They finished the season with 116 wins and 46 losses. They set the American League record and also tied a Major League record for most wins during a 162-game season.

Who holds the womens 20km world record for race walking?

That is Olimpiada Ivanova of Russia who set the world record in the 20 km walk at 1:24:50 in 2001.

What was the Montreal Expos record in 2001?

In 2001, the Montreal Expos had a 68-94 record.

100m dash holder 2001?

World record holders in the 100 meter dash in 2001: Men: Maurice Greene of the United States at 9.79 seconds set in June, 1999. That record was broken by Tim Montgomery of the United States on September of 2002 with a time of 9.78 seconds. The current record is 9.69 seconds set by Usain Bolt of Jamaica at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Women: Florence Griffith-Joyner of the United States at 10.49 seconds set in July, 1988. It is still the record.

What world record does Kip Janvrin hold in the 2000 Olympics game?

Kip Janvrin did not set a world record in 2000 Olympic competition. He did however set the world record for most career decathlon wins with his 33rd career win at the 2001 GMC Envoy USA Outdoor Championships.

Is Michael Johnson running in 2012 Olympics?

No, he retired from athletics in 2001. He still holds the 400m world record set in 1999.