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the cooperstown diner. all there food rocks. so does the food @ tj's place

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Q: Who serves the best breakfast in Cooperstown?
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Who serves the best Sushi in Cooperstown?

sorry but no one serves sushi in coop right now

Who serves the best brunch in Cooperstown?

propably the hawkeyed grill its part of the otesaga and theres a view of the lake

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The Cracked Egg Diner in Daytona is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What is the best hotel in Cooperstown?

I don't know if this is the BEST hotel in Cooperstown, but if you enjoy spending the night in haunted hotels, the Otesaga Hotel should be pretty cool!! That is where I would stay if I ever come to Cooperstown... in fact, my boyfriend and I PLAN to come to Cooperstown for that hotel!

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Its a restaurant that serves breakfast.

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Where is the Village Library Of Cooperstown in Cooperstown located?

The address of the Village Library Of Cooperstown is: 22 Main St., Cooperstown, 13326 1331

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Nellie serves Mother breakfast

Where is the Cooperstown Public Library in Cooperstown located?

The address of the Cooperstown Public Library is: 182 N. Main Street, Cooperstown, 16317 0264

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