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For the girls Venus Williams. 127 mph was the speed.

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Q: Who served the fastest recorded serve at Wimbledon in 2007?
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What is the fastest ever recorded serve at Wimbledon who served it and when?

i think it is greg rusedski with a 239.8 km/h

What is the fastest serve ever recorded in the Wimbledon championships?

See related answer below.

What is the fastest racquetball serve ever?

The fastest racquetball serve was recorded by Egan Inoue. He served it at 191 miles per hour.

Fastest serve at Wimbledon 2007?

Dean Farnham

What is the fastest volleyball serve ever recorded?

the fastest serve was 153 miles an hour

What is the speed of the fastest men's tennis serve ever recorded?

The record for the fastest ace is held by Ivo Karlovic who served a 156 mph (~251 km/h).

Fastest serve at Wimbledon?

Taylor Dent, 2010 148mph, fastest female Venus Williams 2007 128mph

Who served the fastest serve ever?

Ivo Karlovic

What is the fastest serve in Wimbledon 2009 so far?

on 24th June 2009 I watched a 141MPH from Ivo Karlovicagainst Steve Darcis and he consistently served over 135MPH ! He also second served at around 120MPH throughout and one second serve was 126MPH - that must be a record?

Fastest racquetball serve?

The fastest racquetball serve was recorded by Egan Inoue at 191m.p.h. Brian Fredenberg has the second and third fastest serves at 187m.p.h. and 186m.p.h.

Who recorded Fastest tennis serve in the world?

The fastest 1st serve was recorded by Andy Roddick at 155 MPH (248KPH), the fastest second serve is also held by Andy Roddick at 153 MPH (245 KPH). In the women's game the fastest serve is held by Venus Williams at 129 MPH (206 KPH).

What is the fastest femele tennis serve on record?

Venus Williams holds the record for fastest serve recorded by a female at 127 mph.

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