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Xabi Alonso scored of a rebound from a penalty that was initally saved in the 60th minute of the 2005 Champions league final.

Dietmar Hamann, Djibril Cisse, and Vladimir Smicer scored in the penalty shootout. Interestingly, they were all substitutes for that match.

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The 2004 - 2005 FA Cup Final took place on the 21st May, 2005.

This match was between Arsenal and Manchester United.

The penalties that were taken by each club were,

Manchester United

van Nistlerooy - scored
Scholes - missed
Ronaldo - scored
Rooney - scored
Keane - scored


Lauren - scored
Ljunberg - scored
van Persie - scored
Cole - scored
Vieira - scored

With Paul Scholes missing the only penalty in the shoot out, Patrick Vieira scored the winning penalty for Arsenal. This was his last appearance for the Gunners before his move to Juventus.

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The team that won the FA Cup in the year 2005 was Arsenal FC.

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Q: Who scored the winning penalty in the 2005 fa cup final?
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