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Q: Who scored the wining goal for Man United in first Premier League?
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What league is fc Barcelona in?

FC United of Manchester are now in the Unibond Premier league (Northern premier league) after wining promotion from the Unibond north The next leagues in order are Blue Square North ( Conference North) Blue Square Premier ( Conference National) Football league second division They started off in the North West Counties league second division Wining promotion to the North West Counties league First division Then wining promotion to the Unibond north Then Promotion to the Unibond Premier Honours North West Counties League Division Two Champions 2005-06 BBC North West Sports Awards Newcomer of the Year 2006 North West Counties League Division One Champions 2006-07 North West Counties League Challenge Cup Winners 2006-07 Supporters Direct Cup Winners 2006-07 Jimmy Davis Memorial Cup Winners 2007-2008 Northern Premier League Division One North Runners-up 2007-08 Playoff Winners 2007-08 Northern Premier League Presidents Cup Winners 2007-08

What is the best English football club?

Liverpool is the 2nd bestEnglish club according to number of trophies, Wining 18 Domestic league, 7 FA Cup and 5 UEFA Champions League.Manchester United comes first, Wining 20 Domestic league, 11 FA Cup and 3 UEFA Champions League.Manchester United's 1998-99 season was the most successful in English club football history as they became the first team to win the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League -- "The Treble" -- in the same season, And Since Liverpool didn't won the Premier League since 1989-90, we can consider Manchester United as the best English club in the last two decades.

How many times have arsenal won the premier?

Arsenal have won the E.P.L. three times since 1992.

How do you increase player ratings in fifa08?

by playing the league and wining all the matches of the league.

Who scored the wining goal for Spain fifa 2010?

The Spanish midfielder Andres Aneista scored the winning goal in the 2010 final A.E.T.

How does Lionel Messi feel to be part of FC Barcelona?

Lionel Messi has often said that the Spanish Football League interests him more than the English Premier League and he wouldn't want to be playing in the League for any other team, but Barcelona.

Who scored for England in the world cup finals 1966?

Geoff Hurst scored Hatrick and the wining goal at 120 minute.

How do you stop wining nose on a 2001 civic ex?

You ask the passenger that is wining to get out.

What was the score in champions league in 2007 final?

Philip inzachi was the hero of scoring twice wining the trophy over Liverpool in Athens olympic stadium

Al ansar Lebanon team world recourd?

Al ansar Lebanon have the world recourd for wining its domestic league 11 times in a row

Is it winning of wining?

Depends on what you mean as both are words Winning-gaining a victory, wining- expression for drinking wine in a restaurant, like "wining & dining"

Who scored the game wining goal for Spain in the World Cup Final against the Netherlands in 2010?

Fernando Torres passed the ball to Fabragas then Fabragas scored but Holland got a red card but Spain should have should have a red card is well. On the iphone it says Holland won but that is not true.