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It was scored by Geoff Hurst , in the 1966 world cup, held in England. It was against West Germany.

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Q: Who scored the only hattrick in WC Final match?
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Who is the only player to have scored a hattrick in the finals of a FIFA World Cup match?

Geoff Hurst

Who scored a hat trick in a fa cup final?

In the 1953 fa cup final Stan mortensten scored the only fa cup final hattrick as Blackpool beat Bolton 4-3. The final received a nickname in his honour - The Matthews Final!!!!!

Who scored a hattrick the only time that England played in the finals of the World Cup?

Geoff Hurst

Who scored hat trick in the 1966 world cup?

The English player Geoff Hurst scored a hat trick in the 1966 final verses West Germany, this also is the only hat trick scored by any footballer in the world cup final match.

Who scored the only goal in the final of euro 2008?


The only person to have scored a had trick in a world cup final?

Geoff Hurst of England is the only player to have scored a hat-trick in a World cup final. He scored hat-trick in 1966 fifa world cup final against West Germany.

How many did Geoff hurst score in the 1966 world cup final?

Geoff Hurst scored a hat trick in the 1996 final match verses West Germany. He is the only footballer to score a hat trick in a world cup final.

Who scored the winner in 1995 FA cup final?

Paul Rideout scored the only goal of the game.

Who was the only scorer in the final match of euro 2004?

who was the only scor I nal match of euro 2994

Who scored scotlands only goal in the 1986 world cup final in Mexico?

* Gordon STRACHAN scored scotland's only goal

Who scored first hattrick in the world cup belonged to Argentina?

Gabriel Batistuta is the only footballer to score two hat tricks in two different world cups, he is from Argentina.

Who is the player hitted hattrick in fifa 2010?

Gonzalo Higuain scored the first and only hat-trick against South Korea. Argentina won that game 4-1.

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