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Jonah Lomu and Mark Ellis, both representing New Zealand, each scored 7 tries in the tournament.

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2011-11-29 23:34:50
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Q: Who scored the most tries in the 1995 rugby world cup?
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How many tries were scored in rugby world cup 1995?


Who is Marc Ellis?

He is a former New Zealand rugby player. He scored 6 tries in a game against Japan in the 1995 Rugby World Cup which is the world record for the most tries by an individual in an international rugby match.

How many tries were scored in the 1995 World Cup?


What is the largest number of tries ever scored by a single player in a Rugby World Cup match?

Marc Ellis scored 6 tries against Japan in the 1995 RWC. He later went on to become a tv semi-celebrity and national embarrasment.

What player has scored the most tries in a world cup game?

As there are a number of games making up the RWC here is a breakdown of each levelTriesMost overall tries in final stagesoJonah Lomu 15, 1995-99Most tries in one competitionoJonah Lomu 8 1999oBryan Habana 8, 2007Most tries in a match by a playeroMarc Ellis (rugby) New Zealand national rugby union team 6 (v Japan national rugby union team, 1995)

Who scored the first try in the 1995 rugby world cup for south africa?

Michael Lynagh

Who has scored the most tries in an international rugby test match?

Ashley Billington, playing for Hong Kong with 10 tries in one match against Singapore in 1994. Marc Ellis, of the New Zealand All Blacks with six tries in one match against Japan in the 1995 RWC.

Where was the the World Rugby Cup in 1995?

the rugby cup in 1995 was hosted by south africa. they also won the world cup

Who has scored the most points in an international rugby match?

Amongst 1st tier teams, the record for points scored in a Rugby International goes to New Zealand for their 145 points scored against Japan at the 1995 world cup (final score 145-17) and for an individual the record goes to Simon Culhane who scored 45 points in that match (1 try, 20 conversions). But the record in all test matches goes to Hong Kong who beat Singapore 164-13 in a 1994 World Cup qualifying match. In that match fullback Ashley Billington scored 10 tries for an individual total of 50 points.

When was World Wheelchair Rugby Championships created?

World Wheelchair Rugby Championships was created in 1995.

Who scored the most tries in rugby union world cup?

In a single match by a single player, Marc Ellis: 5 tries for New Zealand (v. Japan, RWC 1995).In a single World Cup by a single player, Jonah Lomu and Brian Habana: 8 tries for New Zealand (RWC 1999) and South Africa (RWC 2007) respectively.In a single match by one team, Australia with 22 tries (v. Namibia, RWC 2003).In a single World Cup by one team, ***.Throughout all World Cups by a single player, Jonah Lomu: 15 tries for New Zealand (RWC 1995, RWC 1999).Throughout all World Cups by one team, ***.

Who scored the winning points in the Rugby World final of 1995?

Joel Stransky kicked a drop goal in extra-time to make the score 15-12 to the Springboks.

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