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It was Christiano Ronaldo.

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Q: Who scored the most league goals in one season for Manchester United?
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How many goals did Manchester United score in the 1996-97 Premier League season?

Manchester United scored 76 goals in the 1996-97 Premier League season, and conceded 44 goals.

What team holds the record for the most goals scored in a single Premier League Season?

Manchester United hold the record for the most amount of goals scored in one Premiership Season. In the 1999 - 2000 season, Manchester United scored 97 goals. Dwight Yorke scored 20, and Andy Cole scored 19 goals respectively. The record as of now is Chelsea F.C. with 103 goals in the 2009/2010 season. they took first in the league by one point behind Manchester United.

How many goals did ronaldo scored in his first season with Manchester united?

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon in the summer of 2003. In his first season at the club, he scored a total of 6 goals in 40 games - 4 in the league and 2 in the FA Cup (which United won that season, Ronaldo scored a goal in the final).

Who scored for Manchester United and saved a goal against Manchester United in the same season?

Peter Schmichael

How many goals have Manchester united scored these season?


Who scored the 2 goals when Manchester United beat Inter in the Champions League last season?

Vidic (4) and Ronaldo (49)

How many goals did berbatov score last season?

Berbatov scored 9 goals in the premier league last season with Manchester United. Overall, in all of his endeavors (Champs League, International etc.) he scored 20 goals in the 2008-2009 season.

Who scored the firest ever premier league goal?

Brian Deane scored the first ever Premiership goal, for Sheffield United vs. Manchester United on the opening day of the 1992/93 season

Who scored most goals in all season Manchester united?

Wayne Rooney he has scored 34 goals in 2009/2010 season

Who has scored the most goals in a single season for Manchester United?

It is Christiano Ronaldo.

Who scored the most goals for Manchester united in one season?

It is Christiano Ronaldo.

Who scored for manchester united today?

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