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Spain won the match

Spain 1-0 Germany

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Carles Puyol (Spain).

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Q: Who scored the goals in the Germany vs Spain?
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How many goals has David villa scored?

David Villa has scored a total of 35 goals in 54 appearances for Spain. Eleven of these goals were in friendly matches. His record in only competitive internationals is 24 goals in 36 matches.

Who scored the goal on Netherlands vs Spain?

Andres iniesta

Who is in the World Cup semi finals?

Uruguay Vs Netherlands Germany Vs Spain

Who scored the two goals in Real Madrid vs Levante?

Karim Benzema and Carvalho scored for Real sv levante

How will finish Spain vs Germany in fifa world cup 2010?

Spain 1-3 Germany

Which FIFA matches are today?

Argentina Vs Germany Spain Vs Paraguay

In a football game what does the vs stand for in the phrase Germany vs Spain?


How many goals has Frank Lampard scored against Barcelona?

Frank Lampard has scored only one goal vs Barcelona. He scored this goal in 2006.

How many times previously has Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals in a game?

0, he has scored 3 vs Newcastle though!

Who scored the winning goal in England vs West Germany?

Jeff hurst

How many times has Fernando Torres scored vs Chelsea?

7 goals against Chelsea

Which team won in the match of Spain vs Germany in the World Cup 2010?