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As Bobby Moore was a defender he did not score any goals against Germany.

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Geoff hurst scored 3 goals.

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9 goals.

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Q: Who scored the goals in1966 against Germany final?
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Who scored the only hattrick in WC Final match?

It was scored by Geoff Hurst , in the 1966 world cup, held in England. It was against West Germany.

The only person to have scored a had trick in a world cup final?

Geoff Hurst of England is the only player to have scored a hat-trick in a World cup final. He scored hat-trick in 1966 fifa world cup final against West Germany.

What time was it on the clock when Michael Owen scored his final goal against Germany in the 5-1 win in Munich?


Who scored a point against paudi o shea in all Ireland final?

David Hickey scored a point against him in the 1976 All-Ireland Final for Dublin. Paudge Quinn scored a goal for Tyrone against him in the 1986 All-Ireland Final.

Who scored the most goals in 2002 foot ball world cup?

The Brazilian Ronaldo aka R9 top-scored with 8 goals during the tournament, scoring a brace in the final against Germany.

Who scored Germany's goal at Italia 1990's final?

Andreas Brehme.

Who scored the winning penalty in the Germany versus England game in euro 1996?

Emmanuel Petit of France scored the final goal.

Who won euro 2008?

Spain. They won 1-0 against Germany in the final

How many goals has drogba scored against Manchester united?

Didier Drogba has scored one goal against Manchester United, in the 2007 FA Cup Final.

Which team won the 2014 fifa cup final?

Germany's Mario Goetze scored the tiebreaker goal between Argentina and Germany. The final score was 1 - 0 Germany, with the final standings being: 1. Germany 2. Argentina 3. Netherlands 4. Brazil

Who scored hattrick in world cup final?

It was Geoff Hurst in the 1966 world cup final verses West Germany.

Who scored a goal in champions league final and world cup final?

Zinedine Zidane. He scored both in the 1998 World Cup with France and the 2002 champo league with Real Madrid. Another player to do this is the prolific German striker, Gerd Muller. He scored in two European Cup Finals (1974, 1975) and scored in Germany's 2 - 1 win against the Netherlands in 1974, becoming the only player to have scored in the World Cup and the European Cup in the same year. zidane scored in 2002 champions league final real Madrid v bayer leverkusen