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Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal

MU: Ruud Van Nistelrooy

MU: Wayne Rooney

Arsenal 2-4 Manchester United

A: Patrick Viera

A: Dennis Bergkamp

MU: Ryan Giggs

MU: Cristiano Ronaldo x2

MU: John O'Shea

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Q: Who scored the goals for Manchester united in their game against arsenal in the 2004-2005 season?
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Against which team Henry scored his first hatrick when he was in arsenal?

It was against Manchester United.

Who has scored against Manchester United in the champions league?

Barcelona, Chelsea ,Arsenal, Leeds United and Tottenham (SPELLING?) All I KNOW OF!

How many goals has drogba scored against arsenal?

13 goals against arsenal

What player has scored for Liverpool against Manchester United for Manchester United against Liverpool and won the Premiership with a London club but never played for his country?

Jermaine Pennant, Scored an own goal for united as a Liverpool player and scored against united as a Liverpool player and won the Prem with THE ARSENAL but was born in Jamaica but has represented England.

Who scored for Arsenal against Real Madrid?

It was Emmanuel Adebayor who scored a penalty against Real Madrid, which also secured Arsenal's victory.

Who scored a hat trick against Arsenal during the 1990 League Cup in the famous 6-3 win of Manchester United?

Lee Sharpe

What Liverpool players have scored three goals against Manchester United?

Dirk Kuyt scored three goals against Manchester United

If you have scored for Manchester united against Liverpool and for Liverpool against Manchester united who are you?

wes brown

How many goals has messi scored again Arsenal?

Lionel Messi has scored more than four goals against Arsenal.

Who scored the fastest goal ever for arsenal?

I think it was Gilberto Silva who scored for Arsenal against PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League.

Who scored the last hatrick against arsenal?

Wayne Rooney in Man Utd's 8-2 Victory against Arsenal

Name the players who scored a goal in a fa cup final and went on to play for the team they scored against?

I can think of Mark Hughes, scored for Manchester United against Chelsea in 1994 before moving to them a season later. Frank Stapleton scored for Arsenal against Manchester United in the 1979 Final and moved to United in 1981. Kevin Keeganscored in 1974 for Liverpool against Newcastle United, and went on to play for them in 1982. That's all i can think of

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