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Ray Houghton

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I think it was at Passadena.

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Ciarán McDonald of Mayo.

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Q: Who scored the goal for Ireland in the 1994 World Cup against Italy?
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Who scored the first world cup goal in US 94?

Houghton against Italy at The Meadowland. Ireland 1 Italy 0. Italy then went on to lose in the final on penalties. Que sera sera!

Who scored the first penalty in the Italy 94 world cup?

Demetrio Albertini scored Italy's first penalty in the World Cup final. Franco Baresi has missed with his kick. If you're talking about the entire World Cup, then Roberto Baggio scored from the spot for Italy in the last 16s against Nigeria.

Who scored the first try for NZ against Italy in the first rugby world cup?

Michael Jones

Which Nigerian player has scored two goals in the World Cup?

Yekini, in World Cup-1994========= this answer is wrong, yekini only scored one goal in usa 94 against Bulgaria while Amunike and Amokachi both scored twice, both scored against Bulgaria, Amokachi scored the second goal against Greece and amunike scored the only Nigerian goal against Italy. Kingsley Obodomechine

Who scored for Ireland v Britain in 1990 World Cup?

There is no team called Britain in soccer. What you mean is England, which is different. Kevin Sheedy scored Ireland's goal against England in the 1990 World Cup. Their game finished 1 goal each.

Who scored the last penalty for Italy against France in 2006 world cup final?

Fabio Grosso scored the winning penalty after France's David Trezeguet missed.

Who has scored for both teams in a World Cup Match?

Ernie Brandts of Netherlands, against Italy in 1978. Scored an own goal in the 18th minute, and a goal in the 50th minute.

Who was the only player to have scored for both teams in a world cup match and for which countries did he score?

Ernie Brandts of Netherlands, against Italy in 1978. He scored an own goal in the 18th minute, but scored at the right end in the 50th minute.

Who scored the quickest world cup 100 in cricket?

well it definitely isn't sachin tendulkar unfortunately it is Kevin O'Brien, from Ireland, against England in the 2011 world cup

How many goals scored by Italy in 2010 football world cup?

They scored 4 goals in the 2010 World Cup Finals.

Who do Ireland play in rugby world cup 2011?

Australia Ireland Italy Russia USA

What was the fastest goal ever scored you n a world cup finale?

the fastes goal is 13 seconds by Brazil in 2001 against ItalyThe fastest goal ever scored in a World Cup game is by Hakan Sukur against South Korea in 2002.Brazil could not have played Italy in the World Cup final in 2001, mainly because there was no World Cup held that year.