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Q: Who scored the first goal in Montreal canadiens history?
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When did the Montreal Canadiens win their first Stanley Cup?

The Montreal Canadiens won their first Stanley Cup in 1916.

Have the Montreal Canadiens ever finished 15th in the eastern conference?

Montreal finished last in the conference in 2011-12 for the first time in franchise history.

What year did the Montreal Canadiens start playing in the nhl?

The Montreal Canadiens were one of the first teams to play in the NHL in 1917.

Was the Montreal Canadiens the first team discovered?

Most probably not

What is the single season record for goals scored by a Montreal Canadien player?

67 67 is incorrect. The most goals scored in one season by a Montreal Canadiens player is 60. It was done twice in the late 70's, first by Steve Shutt, then by Guy Lafleur.

Who was the first NHL team to advertising on boards?

Montreal canadiens

Who was Montreal Canadiens first goal minder?

Bobby orr

Who was the first team in the NHL?

The Montreal Canadiens have 102 years of Heritage

Who was the first European player to play for the Montreal Canadiens?

Mats Naslund

What year did the Montreal canadiens play their first nhl game?


Who was the first Russian player to play for the Montreal Canadiens?

Oleg Petrov

Were the Montreal Maroons the first team to win the Stanley cup?

No, it was the Montreal Hockey Club in 1893, which has no relation to the present day Montreal Canadiens.

What hockey team won the first Stanley Cup?

Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, a forerunner of the Montreal Canadiens.

Who won the first Masterton Award?

The first Masterton winner was Claude Provost of the Montreal Canadiens.

With which team did Chris Chelios win his first Stanley Cup?

Montreal Canadiens

Who scored first 50 goals in NHL?

Maurice Richard Of the Montral Canadiens

What was the first NHL team to win back to back Stanley Cups?

The Montreal Canadiens.

Who is the first Montreal Canadiens player to score a goal on a penalty shot?

Pierre Dagenais

How many times has chicago lost the Stanley cup in the final round?

The hawks have lost a total of 7 times in the Stanley Cup final series. The first year they lost was in 1931 when they lost to the Montreal Canadiens. The next time they lost was in 1944 when they lost to the Montreal Canadiens again. In 1962 they lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Three years later, in 1965, the Hawks lost to the Montreal Canadiens for a third time. In 1971, the hawks were unable to take down the Montreal Canadiens for the fourth time. Two years late, 1973, the Hawks were defeated by the Montreal Canadiens for the fifth time! The last time they lost was in 1992 when they were deafeated by the Pittsburg Penguins. Lets just say the Hawks are to hot against the Montreal Canadiens in Stanley Cup final games.

Who was the first NHL team to win the Stanley cup 2 years in row?

the Montreal Canadiens

Who did the Edmonton Oilers play in the first regular season outdoor hockey game?

Montreal Canadiens

Who won the Masterton Award in 1968?

In 1968: Claude Provost, Montreal Canadiens (first winner)

Who won the Vezina Trophy in 1927?

In 1927: George Hainsworth, Montreal Canadiens (first winner)

When does the 2013 season begin for the Montreal Canadiens?

The season for the Montreal Canadiens being on January 19, 2013. The first games the Canadies will play will be against the Maple Leafs at 7:00 pm. The tv networks for showings are CBC and RDS.

What team was the first created in the NHL?

The Montreal Canadiens were established in 1909, officially joining the NHL in 1917.