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The first ever golden ball was scored by Lauren Blabc of France verses Paraguay,

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Q: Who scored the first ever golden goal in the history of the World Cup?
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Who scored first century in the first world cup?

DENNIS AMISS scored first world cup century in world cup history in 1975

Who scored the first own goal in world cup history?


Who scored the first heartrick in the history of soccer?

Bert Patenaude is the player who scored the first hat trick in the history of soccer. He was a United States player and scored against Paraguay in the 1930 FIFA World Cup.

What is a Golden Goal in a World Cup match?

It is the first goal scored in extra time after the game has been tied in normal time. The first team to score a goal in extra time wins the game, with the goal being termed 'golden goal'. This no longer applies. Laurent Blanc scored the first golden goal in World Cup.

Who scored the first hundred in cricket world cup history?

Well i had read about this in my schooldays. I am sure its Dennis Amiss of Australia... if not he maybe the one who scored the first century in a world cup.

Which player scored the first Golden goal in the world cup?

Laurent Blanc in 1998, for France against Paraguay.

Who scored first ever golden goal in world cup?

Laurent Blanc scored the first golden goal in a Fifa World Cup for France v Paraguay in World Cup 98.

Who scored first ever century in world cup history?

Dennis Leslie or ian chappell?

Who scored the first fastest goal in worldcup history?

Hakan Sukur scored the fastest goal in world cup history. From the kickoff, it took him 11 seconds to score. (He played for Team Turkey)

Who score the first world cup championship goal?

The first ever World Cup goal was scored by French striker Lucien Laurent.

Who scored the first goal in Phoenix Coyotes history?

Phoenix Coyotes first goal scored by Mike Gartner.

Who scored first for Brazil in the 2010 world cup?

The first goal for Brazil in the 2010 world cup was scored by Maicon.