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On October 12, 1979, Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics scored the first three-point basket in NBA history . College On Nov. 29, 1980, Western Carolina's Ronnie Carr drilled a three-point field goal, the first in the history of College Basketball.

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Q: Who scored the first 3 point field goal?
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How many points are scored in hockey when a goal is made?

In field hockey for every goal scored that team gets 1 point

What is a extra point?

An extra point is a football term. It is the field goal made after a team has scored a touchdown.

What is worth one point after a touchdown is scored in football?

After a touchdown is scored in American Football, the ball can be kicked through the Goal Post for an additional point. Usually called a Field Goal or PAT.

What happens in soccer after a goal is scored?

When a goal is scored in a standard regulation game of soccer, the ball is returned to the middle of the field for a kickoff by the team scored on the same way the first kickoff is when the game first begins.

How is American football scored?

6 points for a touchdown 1 extra point after a touchdown if a field goal is kicked 2 extra points after a touchdown if a two point conversion is run 3 points for a field goal if a touchdown is not scored 2 points for a safety

Who scored the first NHL goal?

Dave Ritchie scored the first NHL goal.

A goal cannot be scored from a?

According to Law 15 of the Laws of the Game, essentially since the player in question is off the field of play at the point the ball is delivered, a goal cannot be scored from a throw-in.

Who scored first in Super Bowl 2010?

The Colts kicked a field goal to give them the first score of the game.

What player scored the first nhl goal?

Dave Ritchie scored the first NHL goal.

Who scored the first direct goal from a corner kick?

The first such goal was scored by Billy Alston.

Who scored the first goal in a soccer game?

anybody could scored first goal in a soccer.

Who scored the first goal in Flyers' history?

The first goal in Flyers' history was scored by Bill Sutherland.

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