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As of July 2009, Virender Sehwag holds the record for the fastest hundred by an Indian in any form of cricket. He scored hundred in 60 balls against New Zealand in Hamilton on 11th March 2009. This was an ODI cricket match. Kapil Dev and Mohammad Azharuddin are the fastest hundred scorers in Tests for India. Both share this record of 74 balls.

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Shahid Afridi he scored it of just 37 balls.

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Nathan astle of newzeland. he did it against England in only 153 balls.

second fastest 200 is done by virender sehwag from India against Sri Lanka in 167 balls.

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sachin tendulker

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Yusuf Pathan

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Q: Who scored the Fastest 100 in 20 over cricket?
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Who scored fastest 100 in an innings in test cricket?

Nathan Astle

Who has scored the fastest 100 in one day cricket?

Shahid Khan Afridi

Who is a fastest 100 cricket player?

New Zealand Player Corey Aderson scored the fastest century in 37 balls.

Who scored the fastest 100 runs after shahid afridi in cricket?

Mark Boucher. He did it in 44 balls.

What does Scored a century?

in cricket scored a century means that a player has scored 100 runs or more

Who scored 100 centuries in internatinal cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar scored 100 centuries in the international cricket.He is the one and only.

Who is the only batsman in world cricket who scored 7000 ODI run with a strike rate of over 100?


Who scored the fastest 100 in the ashes?

Micheal Clark

Who has scored 100 international centuries in cricket history?

Sachin Tendulkar is the only person to have scored 100 international centuries

Fastest 50 runs in cricket?

The fastest 100 in cricket was hit by Shahid Afridi in 37 balls.

How much is a century?

100 years 100 runs scored by a batsman in a cricket match

Who scored first 100 for world cup cricket?

yogesh yadav