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hi who scored most double centuries in test cricket

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2009-11-16 20:48:42
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Q: Who scored most double in test?
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Who had scored the most number of double centuries in Test Cricket?

Most double century record in Test Cricket is still in the name of Donald Bradman who scored 12 double centuries.

Who has scored the most runs in English test cricket?

Graham Gooch has scored the most test runs for England with 8,900

Who for Australia has scored the most 99's in test cricket?

Michael Slater has scored the most 99s in test cricket for Australia.

Who scored the first test double century for India?

Rahul dravid

How many players have scored a double hundred in a ashes test?


Who scored the first 'double century' in Test Cricket?

The first double-century in a Test match was scored by Australian Billy Murdoch against England at Oval in 1884.

How many double centuries has VVS Laxman in Test Cricket?

VVS Laxman has scored two double centuries in Test Cricket.

Which Australian batsmen have scored a test double century?

Many Aussie batsmen have scored double centuries.. Even in the present times, boon, border, langer, taylor, chappel, ponting and waugh twins have scored over 200 in a test innings

Which cricketer scored most test match centuries?

Sachin tendulkar has scored the most test centuries. 41 in 156 matches for India.

Who scored a double century in test cricket and never played a test match again?

jason gillespie

How many double centuries in test cricket scored by hashim amla?


Who scored the slowest double century in Test Cricket?

Brendon Kuruppu of Sri Lanka scored the slowest double century of Test Cricket in 2009 against New Zealand on 548 balls in 777 minutes.

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