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Man Utd 6-5 Chelsea C. Teves - Scored M.Ballack - Scored M.Carrick - Scored J.Belletti - Scored C.Ronald - Missed F.Lampard - Scored O.Hargreaves - Scored A.Cole - Scored Nani - Scored J.Terry - Missed ---- Sudden Death O.Anderson - Scored S.Kalou - Scored R.Giggs - Scored N.Anelka - Missed

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Q: Who scored in the penalty shootout in Moscow 2008 Final?
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Who scored penalties for Liverpool in the 2005 Champions league final?

Xabi Alonso scored of a rebound from a penalty that was initally saved in the 60th minute of the 2005 Champions league final. Dietmar Hamann, Djibril Cisse, and Vladimir Smicer scored in the penalty shootout. Interestingly, they were all substitutes for that match.

Does the goalkeeper kick in the Kicks from the Mark tiebreaker?

Yes indeed. In fact, Manuel Neuer (Goalkeeper of Bayern Munich) actually scored a penalty for Bayern in the Champions League Final against Chelsea in the penalty shootout!

Who missed your penalty in the Champions League Final in Moscow?

Cristiani Ronaldo

How many penalties has Ryan Giggs scored in the premier league?

Two - both at home against Tottenham Hot Spurs on Saturday, April 24th, 2010. They also represent the first two times that Ryan Giggs has taken a penalty in a match in his career. This is not to be confused with his penalty shootout involvement - famously Giggs scored the penalty that would be the winning shot in the Champions League Final in May of 2008, beating Petr Cech before Nicolas Anelka missed his penalty, awarding Manchester United the Champions League trophy over Chelsea. He also scored in the 2009 Carling Cup Final shootout against Spurs, beating Gomez with United's first penalty en route to winning the Carling Cup Final. He has missed penalties as well - he missed a penalty in an FA Cup shootout tie against Southampton early in his career, as well as in the 2009 FA Cup semi final shootout against Everton. He has scored successful penalties in the Community Shield as well. However, in terms of penalties in actual matches throughout his career, just the 2 against Spurs, both of them successful. He has not taken any penalties in the Champions League/European Cup.

What year was the first penalty scored in an fa cup final?

In 1910, when Albert Shepherd scored a penalty for Newcastle in there 2-0 defeat over Barnesly.

How missed the first penalty in the 1994 world cup finals?

Marcio Santos missed the first penalty for Brazilduring the historic penalty shootout in the 1994 FIFA World Cup final.

Who scored the last penalty for Italy against France in 2006 world cup final?

Fabio Grosso scored the winning penalty after France's David Trezeguet missed.

Who scorce winning penalty world cup final 2006?

Fabio Grosso scored the winning penalty in the World Cup 2006, winning the world cup for his country in a tense 5-3 shootout against France. He retired from international football after being dropped from the 2010 squad.

What was the first FIFA World Cup match to be decided by penalties?

The first penalty shootout in the World Cup finals was the 1982 semi-final between France and Germany (Tunisia beat Morroco on penalties in the qualifying for the 1978 World Cup). After 90 minutes the score was 1- 1 so it went to extra time where both teams scored two goals resulting in the final score of 3 - 3 after extra time. In the penalty shootout Germany's Uli Stelike and France's Dider Six had their penalties saved and after 5 penalties each the score was 4-4 so the shootout went to sudden death. Maxime Bosses stepped up to take the first sudden death penalty for France but saw it saved. Horst Hrubesch took the next penalty and scored it to send Germany through to the final and knock France out.

Who won 2006 FIFA soccer world cup?

In the Italy vs France final, Italy won in penalty shootout.

What year was the first final decide by a penalty shootout?

The first time a World Cup final has been decided on penalties was in 1994, when Brazil beat Italy.

Who was the last senior player to score a penalty in all Ireland senior final?

Henry Shefflin scored a penalty in the 2009 All-Ireland Final against Tipperary.

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