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Andrei Kanchelskis, for Man Utd, Everton and Rangers.

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Q: Who scored in all of these Man Utd v Man City Liverpool v Everton and Rangers v Celtic?
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Who played in a Glasgow Manchester and Liverpool derby?

Andrei Kanchelskis

Which players have scored the winning goal in the European cup finals and have also played for rangers or Celtic?

Tommy Gemmill for Celtic in 1967, and Kenny Dalglish for Liverpool in 1978 (played for Celtic) immediately spring to mind. Anyone else?

What was the Rangers vs Celtic score?

1-0 maurice edu scored for rangers

Who scored in the 3-0 everton Liverpool game?

Tim Cahill scored the first goal and Andrew Johnson scored the other two.

How many goals have rangers scored against Celtic in history?


Who scored for Liverpool against Everton when they won 1-0 on the 30308?

Fernando Torres after 7 minutes.

Name10 Celtic players who played in Germany and scored against rangers?

LuboMcleodramborisethbrian oneillamberthinkelthomgravesonmcghee

Celtic players that have scored against rangers and played in France?

Maurice Johnston, John Collins

What player in the Premiership has only scored 2 goals and his surname begins with x?

Xavier. Used to play for Liverpool, Everton and Boro

How many times have Liverpool scored against chelsea?

Celtic and Liverpool have played each other officially six times Celtic have beaten Liverpool twice, and lost once, there have also been three tied games so the answer to your question is ONCE

What premier league teams have scored over 1000 goals since it started?

Man utd chelsea Liverpool Newcastle arsenal everton

Which players have played for Celtic and Aston villa and scored for Celtic in cup finals?

Patrick Berger who is currently at Aston Villa used to play for Liverpool. Also Scott Carson is on loan at Aston Villa from Liverpool. peter Crouch. also Dean Saunders, Steve Staunton, Ray Houghton, Mark Walters collymore, baros, mark james?