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Tyrone got 12 points in the 1995 All-Ireland Final. Peter Canavan scored 11 points and Jody Gormley scored 1 point.

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Q: Who scored for Tyrone in 1995 All Ireland final?
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Who did Dublin beat to win in All Ireland 1995?

Dublin beat Tyrone in the 1995 All-Ireland Football Final.

Who played in the All Ireland senior football final in 1995?

Dublin beat Tyrone.

Who won the all Ireland football championship in 1995?

Dublin beat Tyrone in the final.

What was the final score in the 1995 all Ireland football championship?

Dublin 1 - 10 Tyrone 0 - 12

Who did Dublin beat in the 1995 senior football championship?

Leinster quarter-final: Louth Lenister semi-final: Laois Leinster Final: Meath All-Ireland Semi-final: Cork All-Ireland Final: Tyrone

Who scored the winner in 1995 FA cup final?

Paul Rideout scored the only goal of the game.

Who scored final penalty in 1995 world cup?

The FIFA World Cup was not held in 1995.

Who was Tyrone playing in the All Ireland Finals?

Tyrone have played in 5 All-Ireland Senior Football Finals. In 1986 they were beaten by Kerry. In 1995 they were beaten by Dublin. In 2003 they beat Armagh. In 2005 they beat Kerry. In 2008 they beat Kerry.

Who scored both goals in the 1995 league cup final?

Steve mcmanaman

Who scored the first golden goal in British football in the 1994 Auto Windscreens final?

Paul Tait it was got the winner for Birmingham against Carlisle, but it was in 1995...

Who scored the winning points in the Rugby World final of 1995?

Joel Stransky kicked a drop goal in extra-time to make the score 15-12 to the Springboks.

What was the Dublin full forward line in the all Ireland final in 1995?

The full forward line was : Charlie Redmond. Mick Galvin. Jason Sherlock.