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Nicholas Anelka. Scored for Liverpool against Man Utd, Scored for Man Utd against Liverpool (own goal for Liverpool). Won premiership with Arsenal. Won champions league with Real Madrid at Hampden Park. Has he played for France though? he's clearly played for France and was born there

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Q: Who scored for Liverpool against utd and utd against Liverpool won trophies in Spain Italy and Scotland played for London club but not country?
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You have scored for Liverpool against utd and for utd against Liverpool ive won the premiership with a London clubive won trophies in Scotland Italy Spain but never played for your country who are you?

I'm Brady Irvine mate

You have scored for man utd against Liverpool and Liverpool against man utd won a premiership title with London club have won trophies in Spain Scotland and Italy but never played for my country?

Jermaine Pennant, an og for Liverpool v Man Utd and was born in Jamaica penn ant was born in Nottingham not jamica

Who scored for Man Utd and Liverpool won all domestic trophies in England except Carling Cup won trophies in Spain France and Turkey and won the Champions League never played for his country of birth?

nicholas anelka

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What player has scored for Liverpool against Manchester United for Manchester United against Liverpool and won the Premiership with a London club but never played for his country?

Jermaine Pennant, Scored an own goal for united as a Liverpool player and scored against united as a Liverpool player and won the Prem with THE ARSENAL but was born in Jamaica but has represented England.

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