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Geoff Hurst scored Hatrick and the wining goal at 120 minute.

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Geoff Hurst scored a hat trick and Martin Peters scored then other goal.

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Geoff Hurst 3
Martin peters 1

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Q: Who scored for England in the world cup finals 1966?
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Where was the world cup finals played in 1966?

Here in England.

Who were England's opponents in the 1966 world cup finals?

West Germany

Who scored the hatrick in the world cup game in 1966?

Geoff Hurst of England scored a hat-trick in the 1966 fifa world cup final.

Who was beaten by England in the finals of the Football World Championship 1966?

West Germany

What was England's results in the 1966 World Cup?

England won the 1966 FIFA world cup defeating West Germany in the finals. England 4 - 2 West Germany.

What is englands record in World Cup finals?

Yes England won the world cup in 1966.

Who scored maximum runs in cricket for England in the 1966 World Cup final?

There were no cricket world cups in 1966.

Who scored for England in the match between England and Portugal in 1966 World Cup?

Bobby Charlton.

When was England got a World Cup football?

England won the world cup in 1966 they won against Germany 4-2 in the finals

Who scored and when in the 1966 world cup final?

Geoff Hurst scored 3 goals , and Martin peters scored 1 goal for England.

Who scored an hat-trick in 1966 FIFA World Cup for England?

Geoff Hurst

Who scored a hat-trick for England in 1966 when they won the world cup?

Geoff Hurst